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Creating a new website means you get to start with a blank canvas, which is so much fun and tricky at the same time. Here are 5 places to go for website design inspiration which you could share with your website designer.
If a website is responsive it means that the website’s design and layout will adapt and change based on the screen size it is being viewed on. e.g. The website will look different on your computer in comparison to how it looks on an iPad or mobile.
Domain and Hosting (preferably WordPress Supported) ready. 2- Information about Company 3- Your Contents( text+images etc)

Yes, Website will be complete Responsive and Mobile Friendly for every kind of device.

Yes! I can guide you through the basics of WordPress, how it works, and how to make basic edits on your website. You will just need to buy one of my gig extras or add-ons during the order procedure. I will then provide a helpful video specifically for your new website.

Yes, with an extra cost of $100 USD per year for the web hosting.